3 Helpful Steps When Prepping Your Boat for the Winter

Boats provide all sorts of fun on the water from fishing to tubing. In order for them to work properly, though, you need to prepare your boat for the winter months. A good maintenance strategy involves the following steps. 

1. Clean the Boat, Inside and Out

So that your boat is ready right when summer starts, you need to clean the interior and exterior of your boat. Start with the exterior, focusing on the sides, bottom, and deck. Spray these areas with clean water to remove dirt and grime that have collected over the months. Then, lather up these areas with soap and spray them with warm water. Finally, apply a coating of wax to the exterior so that it maintains a shiny, appealing luster. 

If your boat has sleeping quarters, clean every surface with warm water and soap. Also make sure walkways are free of clutter, as you don't want passengers tripping over objects and possibly injuring themselves severely.

2. Check the Oil

In order for your boat's engine to work correctly for as long as possible, it needs to have the right amounts of oil. If it doesn't, the engine could work harder than it has to and overheat. You can prevent these costly damages by having your oil replaced at least once a year. 

If your engine has a high-performance design, which is often the case with speed boats, you'll need to select a specialized type of oil. Look for oil that is designed to work in extreme temperatures, as your boat will be doing a lot of work. 

3. Store Your Boat Properly 

To keep your boat protected from the elements during the winter, you need to keep your boat in a safe, secure location. You get just that when you keep it in a boat storage facility. Your boat is completely covered and monitored by surveillance systems. If anything does happen, illegal activity is caught on camera for police to take further legal action.

There are also large storage areas that are fully enclosed, which are great if you need added protection and space. You can get into these facilities any time because you're provided with a special access code. These storage options are perfect for both short-term and long-term use. 

When it comes to protecting such a large investment like a boat, it's important to take the necessary precautions during the winter. Then, you can spend more time having fun on the waters with others.