Four Tips To Help You Prepare Your Office For Moving Day

Preparing for a move to a new office location takes some planning, and there are some things you'll want to have in place for moving day. Here are some tips you can use as you prepare to move to a new office location.

Create A Map

Knowing where all of your desks, cubicles, chairs, and computers will go is essential for your moving company. One way to do this is to create a map of where everything will go once moved into your new office. Create a number system on the map to identify where each piece of furniture will go, and then label the actual office furniture with the same numbers. On moving day, your commercial moving company can use the map as a guide to situate everything in its proper place.

Schedule Janitorial Services

You'll want to leave your existing office clean when you turn in the keys on the final day of your lease. Be sure to arrange for janitorial services to come in after the movers leave to vacuum, dust, and scrub the office. You may also want to consider having a janitorial crew come to your new office before the movers arrive to ensure it's clean and ready for your staff.

Label Electronics

Having all of the computers, monitors, and other equipment for each workstation ready for setup is critical to getting your new office up and running. Have each employee label every item with essential information. Dual monitors should be labeled to indicate which side they go on, and hard drives should be labeled with the type of data loaded onto each one. Use pieces of colored tape to label cords so they can be easily reconnected at the new office.

Appoint A Point Person At Each Location

Put someone in charge of the move at both locations so everything continues to go along smoothly throughout the move. This person should have a copy of any checklists you've created for moving day as well as any other important information. Each person in charge should be able to tell movers where things go and answer questions your staff may have during the move. For large office buildings, you may want to select one person per floor or department so no one person is overwhelmed with questions and concerns.

Talk to your commercial moving company about scheduling a walk-through a few days before the move. This can help you to identify any last-minute changes or tasks you need to make before the movers arrive on moving day.