Rent A Small Storage Unit To Store Items After Your Cat Passes Away

Providing a cat with all sorts of furniture and toys in your home can help them live a happy life. Tall cat trees allow your cat to get up high where they can feel comfortable. It also gives them with a view of the house and sometimes outside if the tree is next to a glass door or window.

If your cat has recently passed away, you may have their items set up throughout the house. This is when you should consider renting a storage unit so that you can store their belongings.

Help with the Mourning Process

Dealing with the loss of a family member is not easy. While you will always keep them in your memories, you may find it difficult to get through the mourning process when you see their furniture and toys all throughout the house. You may find it easier to mourn by renting a small storage unit where you can move your cat's items and know that they are in a safe place.

If you do not want to risk moisture damage to any items from humidity, you should look at indoor storage units where you can put everything into a climate-controlled environment.

Make Room in Your Home

Cat trees, beds, or scratchers can take up a lot of room inside any home. Although you may have grown comfortable with these items in your home, you may want to move them so that you can get some extra room in your home. This will allow you to readjust the furniture in several rooms if you have been wanting to make several changes to the overall layout in your home.

When you own oversized cat trees, you may want to consider disassembling them before putting them into storage. This will make it easier to save money by renting a smaller storage unit. If the disassembly is at all complicated, taking pictures or writing down instructions can help you later.

Use the Items Later

After a while, you may be ready to bring another cat into your home. By putting your cat's items in a storage unit, you will not have to do much shopping to give a new cat everything it needs. These items will often be better preserved than if you were to put them in your garage.

Your cat passing away is a great loss to your family. Instead of throwing their items out, you can rent a storage unit to protect their belongings and use them at a later time. Visit a site, like, for more help.