Renting A Moving Truck: Five Things To Consider

When renting a moving truck, such as a U-Haul, you want to know that it has all the features you are looking for to make your move go smoothly As you shop around for a moving or box truck rental, here are a few features to ask about.

Mom's Attic

Some box truck rentals feature extra storage space in the form of mom's attic. This space extends over the cab of the truck, creating a storage shelf. This space can be used for packing away boxes or narrow pieces of furniture, which can be secured into the attic with a bungee. Box trucks without the mom's attic addition may not have as much cargo room.

Nonskid Floors

Unless your moving truck is completely packed from wall to wall, there will likely be at least a small amount of room for boxes to slide around. Choosing a moving truck with nonskid flooring can help to keep your items securely in place while you're on the road. If nonskid flooring is not available, ask if any trucks have wooden floors. The wood is not as slippery as sleek metal, providing some natural resistance against boxes shifting while in transit.


Some moving companies offer dollies with their truck rentals, while others charge extra for this add-on option. Be sure to ask what's included, and if the dolly doesn't come with the truck, be sure to ask for one to be added to your package. A dolly makes it easy to get your boxes from the house to the truck during your move. Be sure to make sure that the truck also has an extending ramp, which will allow you to roll the dolly directly onto the truck.


Even if you aren't moving at night, having lighting inside the cargo area of the truck can be a great help. It gives you the illumination you need to see and organize your items as you load the vehicle. If your truck doesn't come with lighting, be sure to have flashlights or lanterns available to light the inside of the truck.

Passenger Seating

You'll also need to know how much seating is available in your moving truck. Some come equipped with captain's chairs, while others have bench seating. If you'll be traveling with two helpers, it's a good idea to make sure there will be bench seats in the truck. As you look for a moving truck, ask the rental company if you can take a look at the vehicle before you sign a rental agreement. This will help to ensure you are getting everything you need for your move.

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