4 Tips For Making A Long-Distance Move

Moving to a state far away can be a little unsettling. You can't forget anything since you'll be so far away in your new home. Plus, packing for a long-distance move takes extra care since your things will be on the road for a long time. Here are four tips for making a long-distance move easier.

1. Prepare To Be Separated From Your Things

You might be able to make it to your new home in a day or two, but it takes longer for a big truck to cover the same distance. Also, many moving trucks schedule multiple moves with the same truck to make transportation more cost-effective for the company. That means the truck may make stops along the way and may even drive out of the way to make a stop on the way to your house.

While the moving company should give you an estimate of when the truck will arrive at your home, be prepared for delays due to the weather and traffic. Take the things you'll need to survive in an empty house or hotel in your car so you'll have access to important documents, medicines, and a change of clothing.

2. Invest In Quality Moving Boxes

It's always important to pack properly for a move, but it's essential to use sturdy packing boxes when your things will be jostled in a truck for several days. Buy special boxes for fragile items, glasses, and dishes so they're protected while in transit. You might also want moving boxes for your mattresses to keep them clean and safe until they're delivered to your home.

The moving company might label your boxes since your belongings will share a truck with boxes and furniture that belongs to others, but you'll also want to label everything that goes on the truck so unloading and unpacking will be easier and so none of your things get separated.

3. Buy Insurance For Your Belongings

Talk to the moving company about insurance. Long-distance movers sometimes provide moving insurance or you can buy it on your own. If your furniture gets scratched or an appliance is ruined, you'll get help replacing it if you have good insurance coverage.

4. Trim Down Your Clutter

Long-distance movers often charge by the weight of your belongings. If you want to save money on your move, then leave heavy things behind, such as your appliances or even a stockpile of canned food. Give away what you don't want or sell it to get funds for your move.